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Hino Horror by Hideshi Hino

Hideshi Hino is universally recognized as Japan's master of horror manga. His unique style is characterized by apocalyptic landscapes and grotesque, twisted characters. Recurring themes throughout his more than 400 published works are loneliness and revenge, and many of his highly stylized storyboards contain disturbing images of torture and dismemberment. This not only puts the 14-volume Hino Horror series out of reach of children, but also out of reach of adult readers who get queasy at the sight of blood. You have been warned...

The Red Snake (Hino Horror #1)
Something evil lurks within the house that manifests in bloody mayhem when the Red Snake appears!
192 pages/ $9.95
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The Bug Boy (Hino Horror #2)
Rejection and revenge when a victimized schoolboy is transformed into a huge, poisonous bug.
208 pages/ $9.95
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Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell (Hino Horror #3)
A demon that eats bugs from Hell, which feed off the souls of suffering humans. Mamushinbo, Oninbo's rival, makes his debut.
190 pages/ $9.95
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Oninbo and the Bugs from Hell 2 (Hino Horror #4)
Oninbo, the bug-eating demon, meets his nemesis Mamushinbo and new characters Himenbo and Sasorinbo.
192 pages/ $9.95
Living Corpse (Hino Horror #5)
Grotesque and disturbing account of the life of a living corpse after a horrific death!!
188 pages/ $9.95
Black Cat (Hino Horror #6)
A cats-eye-view of humankind's evils, as Black Cat moves from one tormented household to another; an early collection of Hino's short stories.
208 pages/ $9.95
The Collection (Hino Horror #7)
Semi-autobiography about the crazed family of a lonely boy and how each member meets an ironic death.
188 pages/ $9.95
The Collection 2 (Hino Horror #8)
The second part of this semi-autobiography about the crazed family of a lonely boy.
208 pages/ $9.95
Ghost School (Hino Horror #9)
Hino juxtaposes the innocence and beauty of youth with the evil and ugliness that lurks down every dark alley, within every deep forest, and at the bottom of every crazed soul. Drawn in shojo manga style.
178 pages/ $9.95
Death's Reflection (Hino Horror #10)
In this second volume of four novellas, Hino continues his theme of the intertwining of innocence and evil in shojo horror manga style.
176 pages/ $9.95
Gallery Of Horrors (Hino Horror #11)
A collection of seven of Hino's finest short graphic novels; excruciatingly funny and disturbingly gruesome.
170 pages/ $9.95
Mystique Mandala Of Hell (Hino Horror #12)
Mandala is the daughter of the King of Hell. Given two all-seeing crystal eyes, she is sent up into the world to save her dying clan from the invading western demons. However, she soon loses one of the crystals, and centuries later, her search is about to come to cataclysmic end.
192 pages/ $9.95
Zipangu Night (Hino Horror #13)
Short stories that continue to frighten and fascinate generations of fans all over the world.
166 pages/ $9.95
Skin and Bone (Hino Horror #14)
Four terrifyingly funny novellas about the horrors of school life.
184 pages/ $9.95
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