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newKatana: The Book of Japanese Swords

In stunning color photography and fascinating accompanying text, this book introduces the work of three renowned Japanese sword makers and 10 master smiths. Each artisan is carrying on the traditional techniques of his forefathers, and all are recognized in Japan as masters within their profession. This beautiful book expresses the subtle and profound world of Japanese katana, encapsulating its mystique and beauty. This is an essential work for all sword and weapon aficionados.
112 pages ~ $24.95 ~ ISBN-13: 978-1932897364 10.4” x 8” ~ Hardcover

newJapanese Healthy Sprinkles
Three Chefs Shake It Up with Traditional Japanese Spices

A retrospective of the almost extinct phenomenon of billboard painting in Japan, this is a fascinating look at the golden age of cinema seen through the eyes of Japanese artist and media. With cover-to-cover, full-color photos, movie trivia and historical background, Japanese Movie Billboards is more than just a mine of retro-kitsch; it is a unique look at Western cinema from the other side of the world.
96 pages ~ $19.95 ~ ISBN-13: 978-1932897289 10” x 7.8”


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