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new Japanese Packaging Design from the Interwar Years
Japanese commercial design flourished in the relative peace of the interwar years. With foreign influences flooding the country, packaging design changed rapidly to appeal to the modern man and woman. With new novelists drawing inspiration from Europe and the United States, and the book market expanding, designers of book covers produced ever more striking designs. This first-of-its-kind collection brings together some of Japan’s most beautiful book cover design from the period. The images are brought into context with unobtrusive background information that allows the reader to concentrate on the designs, many which are rare and have never been shown outside Japan. This a must-have book for collectors, designers, historians and art-lovers.

Japanese Packaging Design
new Scribbling for Victory
Japan's War through its Anti-Western Cartoons

From the outbreak of World War II to the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the popular tabloid Asahigraph ran a two-page spread of comics that grew more belligerent, nationalistic and anti-Western as the war progressed. In English for the first time, these propaganda cartoons have been collected together to form a chronological account of the Pacific War through the eyes of anonymous Japanese cartoonists. On the facing page of each illustration is an explanation of the cartoon’s significance in the wider picture of the war, making this book a valuable historical record of an aspect of the war that’s rarely touched upon.
$15.00 ISBN: 978-1-932897-50-0~ Full color ~ Hard cover
Scribbling for Victory
new Shunga
An Introduction to Japanese Erotica

Shunga, or "images of spring,” are erotic depictions from Japan’s 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, usually achieved with a woodblock print process. Shunga appeared in romance novels and instructive albums for young wives, and were even carried by samurai for luck. This book provides an introduction into the world of shunga with a selection of striking full-color images. Pithy text, including descriptions of the historical and cultural settings of the prints, helps explain what this erotica meant to the people of the time.
$15.00 ISBN: 978-1-932897-55-5 ~ Full color ~ Hard cover
new Small House Tokyo
How the Japanese Live Well in Small Spaces

" It all depends on your imagination"
–Satoshi Kurosaki, Apollo Architects & Associates

Tokyo’s architects are in the process of drafting a small revolution in urban design. Micro homes, or kyosho jutaku, are reshaping the way the Japanese live and work, while at the same time shaking up staid urban neighborhoods with stunning designs that adhere to few rules. With creative use of wood, glass and concrete, these small houses defy the limited spaces they are built on, boasting open-plan living rooms, cozy dens, inner gardens, and raised patios. With stunning photography that reveals Japan as a powerhouse of architectural innovation, Small House Tokyo brings together some of the leading designs in the kyosho jutaku movement. Over 150 full-color photos of both interiors and exteriors provide not only an uncharacteristic view of today’s urban Japan, but offer potential property buyers in the West a plethora of ideas on how to turn a small house into a beautiful home.
$15.00 ISBN: 978-1-932897-45-6 ~ Full color ~ Hard cover
Small House Tokyo
new The Art Trucks of Japan
In stunning full-color photography, this beautiful book introduces Japan’s amazing art trucks, known locally as “Deco-Tora” (Decorated Trucks). Truck owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their vehicles, turning them into moving masterpieces of the highway. Includes spec photos, interviews with owners, a look at specialty parts stores and much, much more.
$15.00 ISBN: 978-1-932897-43-2 ~ Full color ~ Hard cover
The Art Truck in Japan
new The Japanese Tattoo Design Handbook Vol.1
Collected together for the first time are 100 on-skin designs from some of Japan’s top irezumi artists. Tattooists and Japanese aficionados alike will value this as a great sourcebook and fascinating art ink collection.
$15.00 ISBN: 978-1-932897-48-7 ~ Full color ~ Hard cover
The Japanese Tattoo Design 1
new The Japanese Tattoo Design Handbook Vol.2
Collected together for the first time are 100 on-skin designs from some of Japan’s top irezumi artists. Tattooists and Japanese aficionados alike will value this as a great sourcebook and fascinating art ink collection. Volume II of a two-book set.
$15.00 ISBN: 978-1-932897-49-4 ~ Full color ~ Hard cover
The Japanese Tattoo Design 2

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